National Bike Month and Bike To Work Week

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National Bike Month

In the US, May is National Bike Month, and next week (May 14-18) is National Bike to Work Week. This is an awesome opportunity to challenge yourself to commute by bike more often, and with the weather getting warmer, it's the perfect time to get back into the habit of using your bike to get around.

Individual communities have bike challenges, with prizes sponsored by local bike advocacy groups, cycling shops, and bike groups. The League of American Bicyclists has a webpage where you can look up official Bike Month events in your community. Not all events are listed on this site, so you should also do a web search for bike to work <city name> and see what you can find. For example, Oregon has the Walk and Bike Month Challenge, New York City has Bike Month NYC, San Francisco Bay Area has a Bike to Work Day, and dozens of other communities across the US have their own programs.

Not every city's Bike to Work events are on the "official" dates, so make sure to check for local events right away so you don't miss out!

As you get geared up for spring commuting, don't forget to ask Bicycles Stack Exchange when you have questions about setting up your bike!

If there are local events in your area, please leave links in the comments below and we'll add them to the blog post.

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  • Ward says:

    Here in Vancouver, B.C., Bike to Work Week is May 28 to Jun 1.

    This year they set up a separate Bike to School Week which is two weeks earlier, May 14-18 June is a very busy month at schools here (and most of Canada) because it’s the last month of elementary and high school before summer break. They thought it was better to have a school event a bit earlier.

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