Bicycles Launched!

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After almost a year in beta, has graduated from a beta Stack Exchange website to a full-fledged member of the Stack Exchange family.

What does this mean?

1. We have a beautiful new site design by @Jin:

Bicycles StackExchange list screenshot Bicycles StackExchange question screenshot

It's based around "the feeling of riding a bike, rather than focusing on the bike as an object", but has some bicycle themed elements, such as the badges being cogs, the voting and star buttons on questions being road signs and the tags loosely resembling the downtube branding on some bikes.

The logo is a bicycle head badge with a heart, because we love our bikes.

With most Stack Exchange websites, the meta site gets a monochrome version of the main site. Instead we have a night-themed version of the main site, like you're riding home at the end of a long day of riding.

2. Privileges have changed.

Now that we're not a beta site, the privileges required to do certain things have increased. That means there are fewer people to do them, especially closing problematic questions.

  1. If you see something problematic, please comment and flag. Your moderators will be happy to close, reopen, migrate, protect or delete questions or answers that need it, especially if there's comments and/or flags from multiple users saying that's what needs to happen.
  2. Vote Early, Vote Often, and Vote Some More. Voting builds reputation, which will help more users earn the privileges that let the site be more user-run than moderator-run.

3. We're linked in the footer of regular Stack Exchange sites

This probably means we'll be getting an influx of new users. I know you're normally friendly and helpful, but please take extra care to be super-nice to the newbies as they come in.

4. One More Thing:

Be sure to check out the Error, CAPTCHA (Human Verification), and 404 Page Not Found pages.


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